Tooth jewellery is of two kinds tooth jewels, and twinkles that are attached to the anterior healthy tooth with composite resin cement. They sparkle brightly, sprinkling brilliant rays around them and accentuating the normal whiteness of enamel and add value to a smile. They are attached to the tooth without pain, infection, drilling.

Tooth jewellery is mounted on a characteristic tooth (won't adhere to porcelain caps) will remain on until you choose to have it evacuated. They leave no mask on the tooth or harm the tooth, so you can let your tooth jewel sparkle as long as you can imagine.


The Procedure for fixing tooth gem is extremely simple and as a rule, takes around 10-15 minutes. It is effortless, risk-free and non-invasive. The dental specialist, for the most part, utilizes composite resin to tie the gem to the tooth surface. Appropriately followed studs may last from a half year to years and even more if appropriately maintained.

  New style statement
  Fast and a straightforward technique
  No boring or loss of common tooth structure
  Requires no maintenance


Tooth jewellery is safely attached to your tooth by our specialists. Made of gold or white gold set with jewels or important stones covering 1/4 – 1/3 of the surface – unassuming and elegant it will improve your smile without danger of damage or sensitivities.

Tooth jewellery is accessible in various hues and shapes like completely clear, sapphire blue, ruby red and is of two sizes - 1.8mm, 2.6mm.


Tooth Gem Position: Tooth Gems must be put on a genuine and level tooth. If you have a tooth that is bogus, delegated, or topped the Tooth Gem paste won't hold fast to the bogus tooth. The Tooth Gem must be set high on the tooth, or in the inside, as the low aspect of the tooth is the thing that sinks into food while gnawing.
  Do not contact or play with the precious stone with your tongue or finger.
  You may feel the precious stone inside your lips for the initial not many days yet ought to become accustomed to it after that.
  Do not eat or bite gum for one hour after the Tooth Gem is put.
  When you eat for the following 12 hours, gentle food is better.
  You can drink and smoke following the Tooth Gem is set.
  Do not brush your teeth inside 12 hours after the Tooth Gem is set.


How long does a tooth gem remain on for?
Tooth gems commonly last at least a half year, however can endure forever with appropriate consideration.

Do tooth gems harm your teeth?
No. Without appropriate dental consideration, for example, normal brushing and flossing, dental gems offer helpful counselling spots for stray food particles and destructive microscopic organisms.

Would you be able to brush your teeth with a tooth gem?
Gentle brushing required on teeth gem to avoid teeth decay in long run.

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